Assignments In The Classroom

How many book reports have you written or research papers you typed? As we go through school, assignments should become more fun and interesting. Students do not like to learn and complete boring assignments also. As teachers, you have to engage them or you're going to lose their attention. Being in college, I have learned new ways to brainstorm and other ways to present. Here are some examples below.

1. Prezi. This is another version of PowerPoint. Prezi just allows you to have fun and keep it short and simple. More than 75 million people already present better. Prezi gives you unprecedented visual storytelling power, combining the freedom of an open canvas with spatial dimension and motion to keep audiences engaged as you guide them through your message.You can create more engaging, persuasive, and memorable presentations.

2. Storyboard. This helps you brainstorm and create story. People are use to making outlines, diagrams, and other types of brainstorming activities. I believe the creative your brainstorming activities are, the more creative you become.

3. Photoshop. Even though editing a photo has been around for years, their is more you can do with it. It is more than adding a caption and filter. There are features such as cropping, overlaying, and etc.

Some teachers are stuck in the old times. I believe each teacher should improve their activities to make students become more engaged. 

Should There Be Standardized Tests?

As far as I've known, standardized testing is a controversial and well debated topic. The testing is to measure the student's performance and teacher's effectiveness. Personally, I believe the test is not the best solution. No matter how well you argue, standardized testing will continue. There are many pros and cons of testing and I will evaluate them below.


1. Schools and teachers are held accountable. If a student is not learning, the state is going to look into why. Teachers are the head of the classroom and are held responsible for students. If more than half the class or school does poorly, they're going to look examine the students and the school. This can cause schools to be taken over by the state and teachers to lose their job.

2. Provides Guidance. Every test is different because different grades are taking it. The test gives guidance to what the teachers should be teaching. No teacher in seventh grade should be teaching a third grade curriculum. It gives an outlook on what needs to be taught.

3. Provides Comparison. Each school has different teachers and students. Some schools have a grade A while others may have a D. It can show where the schools and teachers can improve on teaching.


1. Not Test Takers. A student can ace every test given to them by a teacher. They can know all the material and feel like they are ready, but some students freeze when it comes to taking standardized tests. Some people don't do good with times tests and others have anxiety. It causes them not to do well.

2. Stress. Test taking causes stress on the teachers and students. A teacher may worry they haven't taught all the material and afraid of losing their job. A student will be afraid of failing and not doing well. This type of stress can be unhealthy for students and teachers.

Even though standardized tests are required, I believe it is another way to test students. I understand we believe in "No Child Left Behind," but this is exactly what this test is doing.

Blogging In The Classroom

Blogging has become more than a hobby for some people, it has become a job. People all around the world use it, but it can be used for something better. It can benefit students in school. It's not just for college, but high school and jr. high students. The purpose of blogging is to give people insight and let them know how you feel. Here are ways blogging can benefit in the classroom:

1. Communicate with students and parents. Parents always like to know what goes in the classroom. A teacher should have a link to a blog and post what goes on week by week. If they parents have questions, they can comment. Teachers like to know how students feel. Each student should have a blog and post how they feel about assignments and other things in the class. Teachers can also post upcoming assignments, homework, and activities.

2. Blog about the subject you teach. A teacher can post different things about the subject they teach. What they didn't have time for in class, they can post on the blog. If a student has a question, they can ask the next day. Teachers can also post links and study guides in the blogs as well to help students.

Those are just a couple of ways blog can help in the classroom. When  students blog, they can write in their own voice, speak their minds, and ultimately express their opinions in a welcoming environment. It is a freedom of expression. It is also a way to connect with students and teach them to speak their mind. 

Steps To Being A Good Teacher

Being a teacher can be the most rewarding, exciting, and pleasant job a person can have, but it's not easy. Teaching can also be stressful, exhausting, and painful, but it comes with the job. I once read a quote by Alexandra K. Trenfor stating, "The best teachers are those who show you where to look, but don't tell you what to see." It has so much meaning and has inspired me to engage in steps to become a good teacher. Here are some steps:

1. Set Some Ground Rules. Have you ever walked in a classroom and seen the rules on the wall? All teachers have at least 3-5 rules to follow. The problem is, teachers don't know how to explain, they just tell. I believe if they explain the rules to the students on the first day and compromise, they wouldn't have a problem for the rest of the school year.

2. Engage Your Students. No student wants to be in a boring classroom. Use different strategies and activities to keep their energy boosted. It will make them be ready to learn. I have seen many teachers do different things, such as come up with a special handshake for each student.

3. Give Them Confidence. I have seen many students feel down and like they couldn't do it. The teacher job is to let them know they believe in them. They should let them know they are smart and can do anything they put their mind to.

4. Connect With Students. Having a special connection with each student can show them you care. Let them know they can come talk to you.

Those are some of the some of the steps to becoming a great teacher. I can go on and on because there are always ways teachers can prove. Just like students learn, teachers can learn also.

To the world you may be just a TEACHER, but to your students you are a HERO.

Children Are Our Future

Whitney Houston said it best, "I believe the children are our future, teach them well and let them lead the way, show them all the beauty they possess inside." As adults, we realize that the future lies in the hands of children. When children are young, they do what they see. We as adults or parents have to influence children to be the best they can be. We have to teach them to be kind and responsible. The first step to this is education. Children seek to learn and to be better. As they grow up, you'll hear them say, "I want to be a doctor or a lawyer," but we have to let them know they have to get an education, put in the work, and want to learn. Many people play a different part in a child's future such as a teacher, role model, or parent. Children are our most valuable resource. What we give them today shapes our tomorrow.

Why Education Is The Key?

How much do you think you will make without a college degree? How far do you think you'll get in life without a high school diploma? Nelson Mandella once said, "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." Their are many people who want to be very successful in life and make a great impact, but you have to put in the work. To do this, you have to have an education. An education is considered an investment, and personally, I believe it is the best investment we can make. Having an education can expand and open your mind. It will open all types of doors for you. It also allows individuals to expand upon their natural skill and talents and turn them into something greater. When a solid education is combined with experience, individuals can truly show their potential.

To Teach Is To Touch Lives Forever

People have always failed to realize how important teachers are. Some people look at them as being the bad person. I've seen some bad teachers and good ones. Most teacher's intentions are not to hurt the child. Some are always looking out for their students best interest. As an inspiring teacher, I've always wanted to help children to become the best they can be. Children are our future. For them to become the best they can, it starts at home and school. Teachers change lives.