Blogging In The Classroom

Blogging has become more than a hobby for some people, it has become a job. People all around the world use it, but it can be used for something better. It can benefit students in school. It's not just for college, but high school and jr. high students. The purpose of blogging is to give people insight and let them know how you feel. Here are ways blogging can benefit in the classroom:

1. Communicate with students and parents. Parents always like to know what goes in the classroom. A teacher should have a link to a blog and post what goes on week by week. If they parents have questions, they can comment. Teachers like to know how students feel. Each student should have a blog and post how they feel about assignments and other things in the class. Teachers can also post upcoming assignments, homework, and activities.

2. Blog about the subject you teach. A teacher can post different things about the subject they teach. What they didn't have time for in class, they can post on the blog. If a student has a question, they can ask the next day. Teachers can also post links and study guides in the blogs as well to help students.

Those are just a couple of ways blog can help in the classroom. When  students blog, they can write in their own voice, speak their minds, and ultimately express their opinions in a welcoming environment. It is a freedom of expression. It is also a way to connect with students and teach them to speak their mind. 


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