Should There Be Standardized Tests?

As far as I've known, standardized testing is a controversial and well debated topic. The testing is to measure the student's performance and teacher's effectiveness. Personally, I believe the test is not the best solution. No matter how well you argue, standardized testing will continue. There are many pros and cons of testing and I will evaluate them below.


1. Schools and teachers are held accountable. If a student is not learning, the state is going to look into why. Teachers are the head of the classroom and are held responsible for students. If more than half the class or school does poorly, they're going to look examine the students and the school. This can cause schools to be taken over by the state and teachers to lose their job.

2. Provides Guidance. Every test is different because different grades are taking it. The test gives guidance to what the teachers should be teaching. No teacher in seventh grade should be teaching a third grade curriculum. It gives an outlook on what needs to be taught.

3. Provides Comparison. Each school has different teachers and students. Some schools have a grade A while others may have a D. It can show where the schools and teachers can improve on teaching.


1. Not Test Takers. A student can ace every test given to them by a teacher. They can know all the material and feel like they are ready, but some students freeze when it comes to taking standardized tests. Some people don't do good with times tests and others have anxiety. It causes them not to do well.

2. Stress. Test taking causes stress on the teachers and students. A teacher may worry they haven't taught all the material and afraid of losing their job. A student will be afraid of failing and not doing well. This type of stress can be unhealthy for students and teachers.

Even though standardized tests are required, I believe it is another way to test students. I understand we believe in "No Child Left Behind," but this is exactly what this test is doing.


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