Assignments In The Classroom

How many book reports have you written or research papers you typed? As we go through school, assignments should become more fun and interesting. Students do not like to learn and complete boring assignments also. As teachers, you have to engage them or you're going to lose their attention. Being in college, I have learned new ways to brainstorm and other ways to present. Here are some examples below.

1. Prezi. This is another version of PowerPoint. Prezi just allows you to have fun and keep it short and simple. More than 75 million people already present better. Prezi gives you unprecedented visual storytelling power, combining the freedom of an open canvas with spatial dimension and motion to keep audiences engaged as you guide them through your message.You can create more engaging, persuasive, and memorable presentations.

2. Storyboard. This helps you brainstorm and create story. People are use to making outlines, diagrams, and other types of brainstorming activities. I believe the creative your brainstorming activities are, the more creative you become.

3. Photoshop. Even though editing a photo has been around for years, their is more you can do with it. It is more than adding a caption and filter. There are features such as cropping, overlaying, and etc.

Some teachers are stuck in the old times. I believe each teacher should improve their activities to make students become more engaged. 


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